Alex bruin teddy ruim sweatshirt


  • Het ethical label Rita Row ontwerpt en maakt tijdloze duurzame items
  • Teddy sweater
  • 55% Wol 26% Polyester 15% PA 4% OF
  • Handwas
  • Oversized
  • Oekotex gecertificeerd
  • Eerlijk gemaakt.
  • Laag ingezette mouw


De Heerlijke, eigen en stijlvolle items van Rita Row. Het ethical label uit Barcelona. De stoere sweater van Teddy is langer dan Nord, de oranje versie. Draag het over je jurk, bij je broek of op een rok. Deze warme buiten kleur combineert met veel. Wat dacht je van de combi met jeans? Heerlijke mode. Eerlijk gemaakt onder goede omstandigheden. Fair labour staat hoog in het vaandel. Lange laag ingezette mouw. Lees hier over de materialen en werkwijze van Rita Row.


Wool is biodegradable, breathable and highly versatile.

Wool products have long lifespans, meaning they are used or worn longer than other textile fibre products, these tend to be washed less frequently at lower temperatures which has a lower impact on the environment
Wool is readily recyclable: with a market share of 1,3% of all textile fibres, wool claims 5% within the recycled fibres market share!
Wool biodegrades readily on land and in water – as a protein-based fibre, wool does not contribute to microplastic pollution.
It is breathable and vesatile, suitable for both warm and cold weather garments (depending upon the thickness) and synthetic fibres cannot match the warming properties of this fibre.
The advantage of polyester is that its fibers are very strong, which makes it a durable and resistant fabric for most chemicals, stretching and contraction, as well as wrinkles, mold and abrasion. Neither stretches nor shrinks. It has a resilience that other natural fibers do not have, for example, it does not wrinkle. It can be combined with other materials such as rayon, cotton, wool, nylon or viscose, increasing the quality of the final product and allowing multiplicity of uses.


    This garment has been produced by responsible manufacturing partners. Our team has developed a close relationship with every people in the factories of our supply chain, and we consider each employee of the factory as a member of the Rita Row team.

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